Sim-Fran Academy


Hear from some of our biggest fans, including confident parents like you and our dedicated teachers.

For the Gifted & Talented

“Ms. Simon, I wanted to take this time to Thank You for all your hard work in regards to Gabriella and the time she spent with you and your staff. The Foundation you created for Gabriella has really paid off for her educationally. Gabriella took the Gifted and Talented Test in Kindergarten and passed with a score of 93. Every single one of her teachers since Pre-K has been truly amazed with how much she knew and had mastered at such a young age. I can not wait for Ava to have the same building blocks as her sister.” 
- N. Rentas.

“Hey Ms.Simon. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything. Vince got

excepted to 4 charter schools. The one we chose, he had to take a placement test. When we went back for his results OMG I couldn't believe how impressed they were with Vince results. They said he was beyond ready for kindergarten. They were impressed with all the words he knew and could spell. Also how well he writes and how good he was with his numbers. It was such a wonderful feeling. I know Vince could not of done it without you guys. I will be forever grateful for I LOVE ME EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER. Thank you guys so much. I'm so sad that he's leaving. Smh.”

- S. Duncan

“I have my twins attending I Love Me Childhood Center. I am very pleased with the learning process and how much my twins have advanced. I admire the patience the teachers have with the children and the attention each child receives. The staff has a great attitude and stay in constant contact with the parents. I would recommend this childcare center to anyone. It is tops in my book!!”

- Haasan 

“My daughter has been attending ILMECC for almost a year now... I am very pleased with how much she has learned what she understands and how she expresses herself... her vocabulary is mind blowing for a 2yr. I can't wait for my son attend ILMECC... The staff is great my daughter loves her teachers, I know I made the right choice. Thank you Mrs. Simon, Ms. Anna, Ms. Thomas & Ms. May... You are the Best!”
- Castillo

“Love, Love, Love ILMECC! The entire staff, Ms Simon, Ms.Thomas, Ms.May and Ms.Anna have been wonderful with my son Ricky and the entire class. They are very friendly and you can tell they actually worry and care so much for these kids as if they were theirs. We all have seen how much Ricky has grown since he started at age 2 (which now he is 5). This daycare/preschool teaches little ones different subjects from math to reading, writing, and even science, and the HW is great! It helps their little minds develop faster so by the time they hit kindergarten they are ready and confident to go. Thanks to them Ricky is learning how to read and I am excited to watch him blossom even more. Another plus is that they go on field trips and engage in different fun activities, especially in the summer time where they hit the park and go in the sprinklers, museums, aquariums, and much more. Ricky loves ILMECC. I will definitely recommend parents to sign their kids up. This is Ricky's last year in ILMECC and I'm going to hate to see him leave this school. Thanks ILMECC for everything you've done for Ricky.”
- Racines

“This website is so bright, cheery and user friendly! I just wanted to say hi to Miss Simon and her team. This was the first school for my twins at 3 years old. Making the choice to bring them here was instrumental in providing my children with the advanced training needed to give them a head start in Kindergarten. The teachers are always commenting on how much they read and love to learn and this is due to the early, engaging, educational training by ILMECC! My kids and I miss you all and will visit on spring break when we are in NY. Thank you for all that you do!”

- C. Gibbs 

“Hi iLMECC! I JUST WANTED TO THANK Ms.Simon and her staff Ms.May,

Ms.Thomas, Ms.Anna and volunteers. My son Jaylen G attended this school/daycare in 2010 till Sept 2012. Ms.Simon is a teacher and has a degree in teaching so automatically i knew this school will be ideal for my son who will be going to kindergarten soon. The ILMECC not only provides care they educate these children and prep them mentally, and physically which is essential for these growing children. when i started looking for a daycare i just wanted care for him while i go to work. i didn’t consider early childhood development and preparation for school yet especially at such a young age. i thought he could just wait till kindergarten for that. ILMECC created a curriculum specific to these young children to prep them for school. they have a morning message everyday which helps them to read, also teaches them the present day month and year, they get homework which includes math adding subtraction, reading, sight words, components of a sentence, how to create a sentence pronunciation nouns, everything they need to know in preparation for kinder. At first i was skeptical because he was only 3 and my siblings will say "He is still too small, my son didn't start doing that till 1st grade, how is he suppose to know how to add 9+12 and omg they give him too much H.W you should talk to Ms.Simon." Now Jaylen is in kinder and he is top of his class with another student that attended this school/daycare they are reading on a C-D level. He isn't shy to answer questions, very good in math, does independent work and he got all 3s in his report card and the teacher thanked us for putting him in a school that not only prepared him, but kind of took them out that baby stage and opened their little brains to learn on a different level and Jaylen continues to excels and always makes reference to ILMECC so thank you again from his Kindergarten teacher, Jaylen and his future and myself a proud parent.”
- Jellika

“Love your website! The children look so happy. I can't wait to move back to Brooklyn to send ALL my kids to your school and yes, we'll be interested in scholarship info.”
- Mckenzie

“I am sooo happy and glad to have found ILMECC! The staff have been so loving and great role models. My son has learned soo much and never wants to leave when it is time to go home. I stand strong and confident behind ILMECC and would recommend everyone to enroll!”
- J. Sanchez